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Fandom: American Idol
Pairing: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Warning: MPREG
Rating: NC-17
Edited by myself

Chapter 20
Safe, warm, and happy, Kris slept through most of the night. A few hours before dawn a full bladder and a round of morning sickness roused him from pleasant dreams. He opened his eyes to see Adam's hairy chest directly in front of him. Kris grinned, breathing his boyfriend in. He let out a quiet groan, slid out of Adam's embrace and rolled out of bed. He checked the time on the way to the bathroom and saw that it was time to take his medication again. He hurried back to bed and slipped back in beside Adam, who grunted in his sleep but didn't wake. Kris closed his eyes but sleep didn't come. He thought about what Dr. Anderson had told them that afternoon at the clinic.

"Your baby is starting to move around now," Dr. Anderson had said. "You won't be able to feel the baby's movements just yet."

Kris gently rubbed his stomach. He imagined their baby turning around in the womb as if looking for a more comfortable position. Kris couldn't feel the baby's movements, he couldn't feel the baby at all. But there was a presence he sensed, or at least he thought he sensed. Truth be told Kris was looking forward to feeling the baby's movements, to feeling the baby; it made him uneasy not to be able to feel it. Kris closed his eyes and tried to picture their baby, their almost recognizably human-looking baby. He wondered if it was asleep or awake. Kris touched the gathering fat on his stomach and smiled, glad to have some evidence of his pregnancy at last. Sighing, Kris wrapped the blankets more closely around himself. His fingers brushed against Adam's hand and he looked up into Adam's face, but Adam still didn't wake. Kris brushed his fingers across Adam's hand again, and seeing that Adam was still dead to the world, he softly touched each one of Adam's fingers with his own. Adam was still wearing a few of his decorative rings; Kris touched them all, lacing their fingers together. He looked at his own hands. There was still a small indentation on his left ring finger where his wedding ring used to be. Kris was always surprised to see it, thinking that with the many times he had removed his wedding ring the indentation would be less visible. But he could still see it. Kris closed his eyes and imagined marrying Adam. His face could hardly contain the grin stretching across it. Unconsciously, Adam nuzzled Kris's head and pulled him tighter. Grinning, Kris kissed Adam's chest and fell asleep nuzzling him back.

Adam woke Kris a couple hours later, when it was time to get up and back to the studio. Kris squeezed his eyes closed and pulled the blanket over his head. He tired to hold onto the dream he had been having for as long as he could. It was a wonderful dream: he had been sitting on their bed in the new house, and when he looked down at himself, there was a big belly underneath his shirt. He put his hand on his stomach and the baby kicked, almost knocking his hand off. Adam walked into the room, looking more gorgeous than Kris had ever seen him before. He walked up to the bed and got down on one knee.

"Kristopher," Dream Adam had said, "marry me."

And he held out a ring with a large diamond that sparkled and sent tiny rainbows reflecting all through the room.

"Yes!" Kris replied and threw himself into Adam's waiting arms.

And then Adam gently shook him awake.

"Honey" the real Adam said. "Its time to get up."

Kris groaned in reply.

"Do you feel okay?" real life Adam asked. " Should I call Dr. Anderson? I'll call the studio to tell them we're not coming in."

"Adam," Kris replied, turning over and facing him. "You don't have to call anyone, I'll get up."

"You can stay in bed if you want to honey," Adam said, "it is allowed."

"I felt the baby kick," Kris mumbled.

"You did! Really!" Adam exclaimed, placing his hand on Kris's stomach and staring at it expectantly.

"No," Kris said shaking his head, "It was just a dream. But it felt so real. I was so pregnant I couldn't see my feet."

Adam giggled. He tickled Kris's stomach before moving his hand to Kris's arm and gently rubbing.

"Don't laugh," Kris said, flicking Adam's fingers. "I really am going to get that fat."

"The baby's gonna get big, that's all," Adam said, tracing a pattern on Kris's collarbone.

"Just don't laugh at me when I'm huge," Kris replied.

"Was I there?" Adam asked, resting his forehead against Kris's. "In your dream."

"Honey," Kris replied, "you'll always be there."

Adam tilted Kris's face up and gently kissed him; he held Kris in his arms, feeling him slip back into sleep. Adam kissed the side of Kris's face and released him.

"You rest," Adam said, climbing off the bed. "I'll just do a half day, and then I'm all yours."

Kris finally opened his eyes and looked at Adam. He stood naked beside the bed, his hair messy and sticking up at all angles. Kris grinned, eyeing Adam up and down and reached for him; Adam grinned as he plopped back down. Kris traced a finger down Adam's back, feeling the shiver he sent with it. Adam's head landed on a pillow, his eyes falling closed. Kris scooted closer, his stomach pressed against Adam's side while his hands messaged Adam's back. Adam let out little moans of pleasure as the massage continued; Kris's fingers dipping into the creases of his back, his hands rubbing the knots out of Adam's shoulders. Kris straddled Adam's hips for better leverage, his elbows loosening tight joints. Adam arched his back, his hips lifting Kris with them. Kris leaned forward, licking up Adam's back, feeling Adam begin to shake underneath him.

"I love that you're all mine," Kris said,

He kissed up Adam's back, his hands running up and down Adam's sides; his hips moving in time with Adam's. Adam shook violently with want and lust, moans escaping his mouth while he moved with Kris. Kris's hands wondered down to Adam's ass, rubbing and kneading the skin, before prying the ass-cheeks apart. He ran a finger down Adam's crack, his tongue dipping into a crease in Adam's back; his other hand tangling in Adam's hair. Adam moaned loudly, grinding his ass against Kris's hips.

"Can I?" Kris asked, wiggling his finger against Adam's hole.

"Fuck yes!" Adam replied.

Kris giggled, laying down on Adam's back. He pressed a kiss to the back of Adam's neck.

"You sure?" Kris asked in Adam's ear. "Its been...a while."

Adam was silent a moment, his breathing heavy. Then he wound a hand around Kris's face and lifted his face to look at Kris. Adam smiled at Kris, his eyes calm, and softly brought their lips together. Kris eagerly opened for Adam, slipping his tongue into the other man's mouth. He felt Adam's lips stretch into a smile.

Panting, Adam replied "I'm sure if you are. Can you, with the baby and all?"

Kris closed his eyes, laying his head on Adam's back. It smelled of sweat and Kris licked the salty skin, enjoying the feel on his tongue and the way Adam's body reacted.

"Fuck Kris," Adam exclaimed as he arched his back. "Would you stop teasing and fuck me already."

Kris giggled again, running his tongue flat-side down across Adam's shoulder. He felt Adam melt underneath him.

"I like the way you taste," Kris replied, turning Adam's face and sharing the taste with him. "I think I'm okay to do this," he continued when Adam stopped sucking on his tongue. "If you're okay with it."

"As long as you're okay I'm okay," Adam replied.

He turned onto his side, bringing Kris with him, and made himself comfortable on his back.

"I mean, I know you've never been all that comfortable bottoming," Kris said as he reclaimed his position on top; straddling Adam's hips and beginning to rock back and forth. "But I reallllllly want this right now."

"And I reallllly want you right now," Adam replied grinning.

His hands settled on Kris's hips, rocking them harder against himself.

"I'll go slow," Kris said, bending forward to kiss Adam.

"Honey go any speed you want," Adam said, reaching for the condom box and lube on the bed side table. "I'll catch up."

Kris popped the lube bottle open and poured some into his hand. He scooted down Adam's body, licking down as he moved; his wet hand wrapped around Adam's cock, moving up and down until his tongue ran into the hair as the base. He pressed his nose into it, breathing in the musky smell. He jerked Adam's cock up to meet him; the head banged against his bottom lip and wrapped his lips around it, sucking and dipping the tip of his tongue into the slit.

"Fucking shit Kris," Adam said, crying out when Kris unexpectedly nibbled on the sensitive skin. "Fucking fucking shit!"

Kris grinned around Adam's cock, licking up and down the length before releasing it; it hung in the air a moment before bouncing onto Adam's stomach. Adam reached a shaky hand down to touch his aching cock. Kris pressed a kiss to Adam's hand and moved down farther. He picked up the bottle again and poured more lube into his hand. He rubbed the other hand against Adam's ass, massaging the skin and getting ever closer to Adam's hole. He spread the lube around his fingers; one slick finger trailed down Adam's ass crack. Adam arched his back, both hands moving quickly on his leaking cock. Kris placed his dry hand on Adam's hands, wordlessly asking him to slow down. Adam's movements slowed; one hand left his cock and tangled in Kris's hair. Kris's wet fingers began moving towards Adam's hole, tickling and touching the skin just around it. Kris's fingers pressed against Adam's hole, gently pushing all at once. Adam moaned and wriggled. Kris poured more lube right on Adam's hole, pushing it around, getting his fingers nice and wet. Kris pressed a finger against Adam's hole, pressing lightly for a minute. He stretched his other hand up and twined it with Adam's. Slowly, he pressed the tip of his finger inside. He carefully pressed the finger farther and farther into Adam, until it was fully submerged. He drew it out and pressed it back in just as slowly. He fucked Adam very carefully with one finger for another minute before adding another. Kris felt Adam tense when the second finger entered him; he pressed the fingers in even slower, drawing them out for several seconds before pressing them back in. He leaned forward and licked Adam's stomach; distracting and pleasuring at the same time. Kris licked up and down Adam's length while he continued to press his fingers into him; he started going a bit faster and matched his tongue with his fingers.

"You're fucking incredible you know that?" Adam panted.

Kris grinned, sucking on a bit of Adam's cock.

"How're you doing?" Kris asked, also panting.

Kris brought a third finger to Adam's hole and held it there, waiting for Adam's response.

"Give me another minute," Adam panted.

He brought their joined hands to his lips and kissed them. Kris rubbed the skin around Adam's hole with the third finger while the two continued pushing in and out. His cock was hard and pressing into Adam's leg; leaking pre-come already. After another minute, Kris looked at Adam for the okay; seeing Adam nod, Kris pressed the third finger into him. Adam whimpered, squeezing his eyes closed. Kris pressed kisses along his abdomen, pressing in and out carefully. He made sure to spend more time with the fingers out than in at first, until Adam adjusted to them being there. Slowly, he started pushing the fingers in faster and keeping them in longer. Kris looked up at Adam's face, seeing sweat dripping down and pleasure flushing his cheeks red.

"Ready?" Kris asked, suddenly thrusting all three fingers in deep.

"Aahhhhh," Adam exclaimed, bucking and arching off the bed; when he came back down his whole body shook.

"Fucking shit Kris," Adam said in a shaky voice. "You're gonna be the death of me."

Kris giggled, drawing his fingers out.

"I hope not," he said, wiping his fingers on the sheet.

He reached for the condom box and Adam put his hand over Kris's.

"May I?" Adam asked.

His body still shook and sweat made it shine. Kris crawled up Adam's body, pressing kisses here and there; licking and sucking on bits of skin. Kris smiled around the salty skin, licking up as much of it as he could.

"Come here you," Adam said, pulling Kris up to his mouth.

They kissed passionately; Kris lay across Adam's body while Adam's hands explored Kris. Adam helped Kris to sit up; he picked up a condom wrapper and held it in his teeth, dropping it onto his chest to reclaim Kris's mouth. Adam scooted Kris backward, his hand wrapping around Kris's cock. He licked his lips and took it into his mouth. Kris threw his head back, moans escaping his mouth one after the other while Adam licked and sucked him. Adam gently pulled his mouth off; Kris's hard, wet cock sticking out straight ahead. Adam giggled as he opened the condom wrapper and slid it on. Kris picked up the lube and coated himself, scooting back down Adam's body again. He lined himself up, looked into Adam's eyes to check if he was ready, and slowly started to push in. Adam's body tensed and he whimpered again, holding onto Kris tight. Kris kissed him, showing him that it was okay. Adam slowly un-tensed as Kris went deeper and when Kris was all the way inside, Adam let out a loud moan of pure pleasure.

"One more minute," Adam said.

He lay there, getting used to the feel of Kris inside him. During the beginning of their relationship he had bottomed all the time, but it was something his body still wasn't used to. It wasn't that he was against bottoming, in fact the feel of Kris's dick buried deep inside him was a feeling he relished. His body just needed a minute to get used to it. He took a couple deep breaths, arranged his hips, and wiggled a couple times and there it was, the wave of pleasure he knew was waiting right around the corner.

"Oohhhh yeah," Adam moaned, pushing his ass back against Kris.

He brought their lips together in a hard, lust filled kiss. Kris kissed back just as hard. He pulled half way out and pushed back in; watching the waves of pleasure hit Adam one after another. Adam's cock was trapped between them, rubbing up against them both and getting even harder. Kris picked up speed, thrusting hard and fast into Adam, Adam's ass pushing back just as fast to meet him. It wasn't long before Kris felt his orgasm building. His toes tingled then his feet and legs, and his release slowly edged up his body. He brought his lips to Adam's in a hot, sweaty kiss; Adam pushed his tongue inside Kris's mouth, licking along Kris's bottom lip. Kris's fingers started to tingle, then his hands and arms as his release got closer. He didn't want this moment to end just yet, so Kris forced himself to slow down, to push and thrust slower, more calmly. His orgasm edged back into his fingers. He and Adam made love in a continuing battle between fast and slow. Every time Kris sped up, he felt his orgasm get nearer. When he slowed down he felt it slip away. They went from fast to slow back to fast and back to slow for a half hour before Kris couldn't stand it and he began to slam into Adam with all his might. Adam moaned Kris's name over and over again, grunting and crying out when Kris's thrusts hit him in just the right places. Finally Kris felt his orgasm in the base of his legs and he pounded away, right on top of Adam's prostate and came, ferociously, inside him. Adam screamed with the force of it, coming only moments later. He held onto Kris's hips tight as they battled through the aftershocks, rocking back and forth until they were barely moving at all. Kris collapsed on Adam's chest, totally spent. His dick slipped out and he barely had the strength to peel off the condom and toss it in the direction of the bathroom. His eyes closed and his breathing grew heavy. Adam pet Kris's hair, bending as much as he could to press a kiss to the top of Kris's head. Kris stuck his tongue out and licked the skin right in front of him, grinning around the taste.

"Thank you," Kris said, wrapping his arms around Adam.

"Any time Kristopher," Adam quietly replied. "For you, any time."

Kris smiled, pressed a soft kiss to Adam's chest, and fell asleep. Adam pet Kris's hair until sleep carried him away.

Kris woke two hours later, still sprawled across Adam's chest. He closed his mouth, which had been partly open and dripping drool; and blinked his eyes open. He looked up to see Adam writing in his journal, while absentmindedly trailing his fingers across Kris's back. He grinned, shifting his body into a more comfortable position.

"Hey, you're awake," Adam said, bending to lightly kiss Kris. "I thought you were going to sleep all day."

"What time is it?" Kris asked, rolling onto his side and fitting his body against Adam's.

"Almost eleven," Adam replied.

He put his notebook and pen down and wrapped himself around Kris.

"Wow," Kris said, nuzzling Adam's chest. "We're really late to the studio."

"It's alright," Adam replied, nuzzling Kris back. " We aren't going in today. I talked with our producers a bit ago. I can't believe you slept through that," Adam said giggling, "I had to move us both over to the phone and everything. But you weren't waking up for anything."

Adam affectionately tickled Kris, giggling at Kris's gasping laughs. Adam rolled Kris over and climbed on top, laying cautiously across the smaller body. Kris gasped at the instant reaction he had to Adam's movements, hiding his face when he felt his cock harden and his skin heat. Adam tilted Kris's face back up, searching his eyes before bending over and kissing him. Kris moaned around Adam's tongue, reaching for Adam's hips and pulling them closer. Adam's rock hard cock was already thrusting aggressively against Kris's hip while they kissed.

"How does he do this to me?" Kris asked himself, "Every fucking time."

Adam yanked Kris's head back by his hair, not hard enough to hurt him, just enough that Kris's dick started to throb uncontrollably. Adam licked and nibbled at Kris's neck and collar bone; one finger thrusting in and out of Kris's still stretched hole. Adam pulled off of Kris's collar bone, a large hickey turning the skin pink, and returned to kissing Kris.

"Adam," Kris moaned, "Adam, fuck!"

Adam had added a second finger to Kris's hole. He suddenly stilled his fingers and pulled them out. He broke away from Kris's lips and leaned his head against Kris's. He pressed his lips against Kris's forehead and leaned back enough to look at him.

"I'm sorry baby," Adam said guiltily, "I didn't ask you if you wanted to... you know, again. Forgive me?" he added grinning adorably.

"Always," Kris said grinning while his eyes did a half roll.

He leaned forward to kiss Adam.

"I want to," he added, laying back. "I want you."

"Are you sure?" Adam asked, reaching over for the lube. "You aren't too sore?"

Kris thought about that. He did feel sore, when he really stopped to feel himself. His muscles all felt tired and torn, like they did after he worked out. His insides felt all messed up, he imagined that he could actually feel his organs shifting, making room for the baby. But too sore to fuck? Too sore to have Adam make love to him? Never.

"I love you," Kris said smiling lovingly up at Adam. "Its been a long time since we've been able to really show our love. And I don't know how long I'll be able to. I don't know if I'll be able to make love to you, or have you make love to me, when our baby gets bigger."

"So you want me while you can have me?" Adam asked giggling and grinning slyly.

"Not exactly," Kris replied, pulling Adam down to him. "I want to feel you inside me. Before last night I hadn't felt that in a long time."

He paused, closing his eyes while he tried to organize his thoughts.

"There are plenty of ways we can show our love," Kris continued, "And making love is one of them."

He looked at Adam and was hit with a full force sultry stare that shot simultaneously to his heart and his dick.

"Would you fuck me already?" Kris exclaimed.

Adam rolled over laughing; in the blink of an eye he had rolled back on top of Kris. He opened the lube, poured some into his hand, and started stretching Kris. Kris's head flew back as he felt two of Adam's fingers plunge into him. A loud moan escaped his mouth as he pushed back on Adam's searching fingers. He felt Adam's fingers collide with his prostate and his whole body shook with pleasure and desire. Suddenly his joy turned to fear.

"Adam stop!" he shouted.

Adam immediately pulled his fingers out, scooting up the bed to stare at Kris.

"Kris?" Adam asked in a scared voice. "Honey, what happened?"

His eyes were wide and scared; Kris's eyes were clamped shut.

"Kris, open your eyes baby," Adam said in a shaky voice. "You're scaring me. Did I hurt you?"

Kris shook his head. Tears welled in his eyes and he rolled over; Adam scooped him into his arms.

"Kristopher,"Adam said, still scared that he had hurt Kris. "Baby I'm so sorry. How did I hurt you?"

"You didn't," Kris said against Adam's shoulder. "It's my fault."

"Kristopher look at me," Adam said seriously.

He pulled Kris away from him and looked him in the face.

"Honey," Adam said, "tell me what happened."

"I was worried," Kris started.

He shook his head to try and clear it.

"I just.. I just... I got scared...for the baby. I thought, for a second, that you were going to poke the amniotic sac. And its so tiny. It wouldn't survive."

Adam stared at Kris a minute, his face changing from fear to relief to worry. He eased himself off the bed and walked over to the coffee table, reached underneath, and walked back to the bed. He sat down in front of Kris and opened the pregnancy book Leila had given them. He flipped through the pages until he found one with a diagram of the womb. He pointed to the mucus plug and said:

"Kris I can't get past this. My fingers, or my dick, can't get past this barrier. The baby is safe. I can't hurt it. I mean, us having sex, can't hurt our baby. Dr. Anderson gave us the go ahead remember? He wouldn't have done that if there was even the slightest chance that it could hurt the baby. You don't have to worry love, our baby's safe."

Kris looked down at the book embarrassed. He was supposed to be reading the book, he had started to but things seemed to keep getting in the way. He lifted the book to see the diagram better. He traced the mucus plug then placed his hand over his stomach. He still couldn't feel the baby's movements. Seeing the diagram reassured Kris that their baby was fully protected.

"We should get up anyway," Adam said, reaching for the lube and snapping it closed. "Gotta get some food in that belly of yours before the baby does start protesting."

"No," Kris said, embarrassment turning his face red.

He closed the book and set it on the floor; then reached for Adam and pulled him back down.

"I'm sorry," Kris said.

He looked at Adam, staring into his eyes; really trying to let Adam know how sorry he was. Adam stared back, getting hit with waves of mental apologies until he couldn't take it anymore and he closed his mouth around Kris's.

"I know baby," Adam said. "I just...I'm not used to scaring you. You scared me!"

"I know, I'm sorry," Kris said, rubbing Adam's back. "But please, lets not get up."

"Okay," Adam replied, laying down again a little hesitantly.

After a quiet moment Adam tilted Kris's face up and asked with a grin,

"You still want me don't you?"

Kris nodded, blushing. After what had just happened he wondered if Adam still wanted him.

"Oh Kris," Adam said, pressing a kiss to Kris's lips, "I'll always want you."

"Can we, um, try again?" Kris asked, trying to hide the awkward look on his face. "I'm okay now."

"You sure?" Adam asked, reclaiming his position with the speed of a vampire.

"Well," Kris said, shooting Adam a sexy yet determined look, "I know that I'd feel much better if you'd get in me already."

Adam fell off of Kris in a laughing fit. Kris laughed too, relieved that things were still okay between them. Adam snapped the lube open again and poured some more onto his fingers. Adam grabbed a pillow with his other hand and handed it to Kris; Kris put it behind his back and arranged himself. Adam slipped a finger inside Kris, then two, then three; thrusting and stretching. Adam's thrusts were shallow, almost gentle. Kris put his hand on top of Adam's while pushing back, trying to show him that he was okay. Adam picked up his thrusts, hitting Kris's prostate twice more before concentrating on scissoring Kris's hole open. Kris panted and moaned, arching up and off the bed. His whole body was in suspense, waiting for Adam to become a part of him. He saw Adam reach for the condom box and tugged on Adam's arm.

"Just you," he said, his body shaking.

Adam hesitated; Kris was a whimpering, quivering mess and so fragile right now; he would have to be as gentle as possible. Adam coated his dick with a liberal amount of lube and eased his fingers out. He leaned over Kris, capturing his lips and pouring love into him. Their bodies melted together and Adam's dick nudged its way into Kris's body. They continued kissing until he was all the way in, and when they broke apart, Kris felt their bodies connected in the best way possible. Adam didn't move right away. They had only made love once (and a quick second time) before without a condom and they both needed time to adjust to the different way it felt. At first Kris felt a strange awkwardness without the cushion of the condom, but then he smiled to himself when he felt the hair on Adam's dick tickle him; Adam gasped at the tightness and wetness surrounding him.

"You're the only one who's ever let me do this," Adam said, easing part way out and pushing back in. "You're the only one I've ever wanted to do this with."

Kris moaned as a wave of excruciating pleasure seared through him.

"You're the only one I'll ever let inside me," Kris replied when he stopped panting for a second. "I can't even imagine doing this with anyone else."

"I've fucked lots of guys," Adam said, pulling nearly out and thrusting back inside again. "And I've had a couple inside me too. But none of them compare to you."

"Really?" Kris asked, taken aback. "How many? I mean have you had inside you?"

Adam blushed so hard his face turned beet red. He pulled all the way out and thrust back in hard in order to get Kris back. Kris giggled until Adam's dick reentered his body with a powerfully pleasurable force.

"My god Kristopher, you really want to know?" Adam asked.

Kris pushed back against Adam's thrusts and their hips started to synch together.

"I guess not," Kris panted. "You don't have to-"

"Four," Adam interrupted.

He still looked embarrassed and Kris wasn't sure why. He asked with his eyes and eventually Adam answered.

"There was the guy who took my virginity," he said, sending another powerful thrust into Kris and hitting his prostate full force. "I was young then. Well 21, but a young 21. I hated it. He wasn't...gentle. Or slow. It took me...awhile to recover; physically and mentally."

Kris kissed Adam's hot skin in an effort to reassure him.

"Then there was Brad," Adam said with a smile. "And you know that I loved Brad."

His eyes glazed over for a moment as thoughts of Brad filled his mind. Kris kissed Adam's hot skin again, tasting sweat this time. Kris closed his eyes and sent a quick thank you to the universe for sending this beautiful man to him. If Adam and Brad hadn't broken up, he wouldn't be with Adam now, making love, while gestating their baby. Kris sent another thank you to the universe for sending them the baby. His mind was too fucked to count and he thought that Adam was through, but then Adam continued.

"And before you, there was the guy Brad made me fuck. Or, rather, get fucked by."

"What?" Kris exclaimed in shock.

Adam stopped moving and bent his head, hiding it from Kris. Kris kissed Adam's arms and chest, wrapping his arms around the man he loved, showing him how much he loved him.

"Brad and I," Adam started, but stopped and looked away.

Kris lifted Adam's face enough to look into it. There was a darkness, a sorrow that he had never seen before. Adam gently began to move again inside Kris, pulling Kris's head up and kissing him. Kris felt the full force of Adam's emotions as they passed between the two of them.

"We had problems," Adam finished when he and Kris broke for breath.

"We were together for years and we loved each other fiercely. It was one of those loves that burns. After a few years things started to get weird between us. Brad started sleeping around, I started sleeping around, and we just didn't talk about it. Then Brad suggested we share."

Kris kissed Adam's skin again, leaving lip marks on Adam's hot, wet skin. He left them everywhere he could reach. He would never sleep with another man, and he would never ask Adam to get fucked by another man. He knew how much effort to took Adam to bottom for someone he loved, Kris would never dream of asking Adam to do it for a total stranger.

"Don't get me wrong, I love-loved Brad," Adam said, avoiding Kris's eyes. "I think he thought it would be good for us. We started having threesomes and I thought I could handle it. I hated sharing him but with the third person there, there was this element of revenge and wanting to hurt each other. The last time we had a threesome Brad insisted that I bottom for the guy. I had always topped, with our "friend" for the night between us, and Brad on the bottom. Our relationship was crumbling and I think he just wanted to see me hurt a little bit; and I wasn't strong enough to say no. I lay between them, and eased into Brad; then this random guy entered me. I kind of freaked out. I didn't want him there. I couldn't relax and it hurt. I told them that I was in pain. I think Brad enjoyed the chance to hurt me, physically, something he would normally never do. But when he saw how upset I was he made the guy stop, and leave."

Adam smiled as he remembered:

"Brad threw him out without letting him get dressed, just threw his clothes down the hallway after him. Brad took care of me, trying to make it better. He was very tender and careful with me, something else he normally didn't do. We broke up that night and didn't talk again for a long time. That's when I got suicidal and into drugs. Deciding to audition for Idol saved my life. I got off the drugs I'd been addicted to, I started to heal emotionally, and I called Brad to see how he was doing. And my reward for that time of suffering," Adam said, lifting his hand to cup Kris's face, "is you."

He kissed Kris's lips, dipping his tongue inside and tasting his own sweat on Kris's tongue.

"Honey do you even know how much you mean to me?" Adam asked, laying his forehead against Kris's while he quickened his movements. "I want you to know that I will never put you in a situation like that; ever. I care about you, and I respect you, too much to ever do that to you."

"I know," Kris said, closing his eyes as he felt Adam's dick hit his prostate.

A whimper and a moan followed his words.

"And I will never cheat on you," Adam went on, his dick happily thrusting full speed into Kris.
"ever again Kristopher, I swear."

"I know," Kris moaned, reaching down just in time to jerk his cock a couple times before it exploded over his hand and onto his stomach.

"I never want to be with anyone else again," Adam continued, his orgasm building.

"I want to be with you for the rest of my life," Adam went on. "I want, I want, fuck Kris," Adam said as his orgasm ripped through him, shooting out of his dick and filling Kris to the brim.

"Adam!" Kris screamed.

He had a mental flash back to the hotel two months ago, where they had first tried bare-backing and had inadvertently conceived their child. He hadn't forgotten the sensation of Adam's cum filling him. During their separation his mind had wondered back to that memory often. To say that he loved it would be an understatement. He never wanted to feel anything else. Adam's dick was still inside him, slowly pushing back and forth in his anal canal filled with cum. Picturing this, Kris came again, shooting onto Adam's chest. He looked up sheepishly into Adam's suddenly serious face and heard Adam utter the words he never thought he would:

"I want to marry you."


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