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Glee is getting to me

Today, Glee hit me harder than ever before. I was nearly crying while waiting for class to start. Watching old clips from Glee now makes me so sad. Not just because of Cory, although that is a big part of it; but also because most of those characters that I love so much are gone now. It's like they died too. That era of Glee is over and not coming back. I mourn that time and those characters because I love them and they're now lost to us. That devastating loss is actually something that you feel in high school when your friends graduate. They're gone, they won't be back; it's very much like they've died. But this is not the direction to take with Glee-these kids have suffered enough, and so have we; don't take our friends away. Besides, Glee was never about high school. It was about a group of misfits and outcasts who found each other and formed a family. The story of that family came full circle in the season three finale and that should have been the end of it. It would have been sad to end there, but also right. It was a perfect way to end the show. Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Quinn, and Finn should have been spun off into their own show, with members of their family (Mr. Schue, Brittany, etc) showing up from time to time while we watch them all continue to grow up and explore the world. We should not still be hiding in the back of the choir room, too scared to venture out. The newbie Glee kids just can't compete, and I keep wondering what the missing members of that family are up to. I am flat out dreading next week's episode, the tribute to Cory Montieth; I've been dreading it since it was announced back in July. But on top of that, watching Glee just in general now makes me sad. I miss what it was. I miss the people that I still love. I miss the stories and the better writing and when Glee had a smidge more common sense. And yet I don't want to stop watching it, because I still love Glee if for nothing else, what it was.

Ryan finds his secret stash!!!!!!!

Does anyone have pictures, gifs, and or video of Ryan being goofy in the audience with Jane Lynch and various audience members on Idol Thursday night? It is seriously my favorite moment of the season so far. XD

Untitled Poem two

I still feel like I'm bracing
for the day when we'll run away.
Just waiting for the que
to pack up and leave.
Stealthy and hushed again
in the dead of night.
Uncertain of whether or not
we'll ever come back.
The sterile white still blinds me,
with glorified optimism,
even after all this time,
even after living there,
as lonely as ever,
in constant company;
freedom far from my grasp.
I am still drawn to it; yearning for, hoping to belong.
But will I take a risk or choose safety again?
I can see myself there, smiling as I crunch along;
a jaunty hat atop my head.
But is that just a fantasy?
Is the sterile white any better than here,
a make-believe oasis in an endless wasteland?
I could leave any time,
say the word and I'm gone.
Grab what I can and run;
to anywhere that isn't here.
Funny, I thought this my salvation.
Now I'm just waiting for a chance
to flee.


Relive Glam Nation?

So, without going into too much detail, I spent most of 2010 grieving and angry at everything so I missed out on most of Glam Nation. Now I suddenly want to go back, not to 2010, not for anything; but I would like to see everything that I missed. Can people please be uber awesome and tell me stories and send me pics and videos and links? I'll love you forever. ♥ ♥ ♥
For instance, what's the story behind this pic?
adam, raja, tommy on stage
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By Harmony Cipollina-Dreven

The political climate in America has gotten to the abhorrent point where living here feels dangerous. Republicans are constantly attacking women, racial minorities and sexual minorities. Our civil liberties are being threatened or taken away all together. Corporations are consistently placed on a pedestal while citizens are considered to be freeloading vermin who don't fit into the narrow mindset of those in power or who wish to rule. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events revolves around wrongly persecuted children trying to find "the last safe place," where they will be '"free from the treachery of the world." After reading all 13 books in the series, and seeing direct parallels between the deceptive characters in the books and real life people in government, I decided to pack up as soon as possible and leave America for a real life safe place. However, my defeatist stance was challenged when I stumbled across RuPaul's Drag race. Read more...Collapse )

Childhood funerals

By Harmony Cipollina-Dreven
I used to love to piss people off. Why? Because it's fun. I figured that out when I was five. I learned how to pronounce emphysema and I used to go around telling people that my father had died of emphysema because I knew that it made them uncomfortable. I remember being really proud of being able to pronounce such a big word. One day in Kindergarden I proudly told the class, during show and tell, that my father had died of emphysema. The kid who had gone before me had announced the birth of a new sibling. I loved getting the reaction that I did, mostly from the teacher. I wasn't upset that my father had died. I didn't know him so it didn't really effect me at all. I would flip off the Camel cigarette billboards as we passed them in the car because I remember thinking that the cartoon camel in the advertisements had killed my father. I was five years old flipping off billboards; laughing when my mom exasperatedly told me to stop.

You know that scene in Evita the movie, the one with Madonna, where the Evita character runs into the funeral of her father; desperate to be there. That wasn't me. I don't think I wanted to go. I got to get dressed up and I must have liked that because I'm smiling in the picture. Read more...Collapse )
I wasn't really close to anyone in high school. I was that weird loaner kid. There were a lot of weird loaner kids in my school; a lot of different groups of outcasts. Our school even had a trench-coat mafia (as named by the media after Columbine). I don't believe for a minute that those kids who came to school in suits and ties, who wore black trench-coats even in the spring, who kept their school stuff in brief cases instead of backpacks, would have come to school one day with a gun and shot us all. They were weird kids but they were harmless. There were a lot of outcasts at my school but at the same time, there was no rich, popular cliche of jocks or mean girls like you see on tv and in movies. To the best of my knowledge, while I was there no one at my school was ever pushed down a flight of stairs or shoved into a locker or publicly humiliated. I remember there was an assembly in my senior year, I don't remember what it was about, but a girl came out there. Her announcement was met with a collective shrug. No one called her names; no one cared. Even the weirdest kid in school was safe from bullies because, as far as I knew, there were no bullies at my high school (junior high, on the other hand, was another matter entirely). Read more...Collapse )

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

There are a few Christmas movies that I HAVE to watch every year: Santa Claus The Movie, A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Ernest Saves Christmas, A Christmas Story, and The Santa Clause. It doesn't feel like Christmas until I watch those movies.